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What Code do I enter from my Groupon?
The Eight or Seven Digit code found on your Groupon. It should only contain one dash in between the numbers. Example....1234-5678 or 123-4567. DO NOT ENTER ANY DASHES WHEN YOU ENTER YOUR CODE.
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What if my Code Does Not work?
If you are having any trouble getting the Groupon code to work or You did not receive an eight or seven digit code than please call us at 801-462-6333 or 801-971-7459. You may also email us at
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Can I use more than one Groupon on a single order?
No. You will need to use one Groupon per order. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at 801-462-6333 or
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Does my Groupon apply to shipping and handling or taxes?
No. The Groupon is used on your sub-total before shipping, handling and taxes. You will need to meet the minimum limit of $30.00 before you start the check out process.
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